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Regular Expressions can be very useful to the Database programmer, particularly for data validation, data feeds and data transformations.  In C#.NET, Regex.Replace Method replaces all occurrences of a character pattern defined by a regular expression with a specified replacement character string. We can do the same steps in T-SQL (2005/2008).

Use the Ole Automation Procedures option to specify whether OLE Automation objects can be instantiated within Transact-SQL batches. This option can also be configured using the Surface Area Configuration tool.

The Ole Automation Procedures option can be set to the following values.

0 OLE Automation Procedures are disabled. Default for new instances of SQL Server 2005.
1 OLE Automation Procedures are enabled.

When OLE Automation Procedures are enabled, a call to sp_OACreate, sp_OASetProperty, sp_OAMethod, sp_OAGetErrorInfo, sp_OADestroy will start the OLE shared execution environment.

In SQL Server 2005/2008 we need to start with the configuring the Ole Automation Procedures

sp_configure ‘show advanced…

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