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Office 2013 asking for credential for the proxy server “”


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I don’t really known it’s a bug or not, but I’m experiencing this problem which is word 2013 always asking for user credential to access proxy

I can’t continue to use my word application until it’s pass the authentication which is I don’t have.
After I’m googling around, I manage to found workaround to this issue.

Just unthick this property on:  File>options>trust centre>trust options>privacy> “Allow office to connect to the internet”.

For more information, check this link here.

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Regular Expressions can be very useful to the Database programmer, particularly for data validation, data feeds and data transformations.  In C#.NET, Regex.Replace Method replaces all occurrences of a character pattern defined by a regular expression with a specified replacement character string. We can do the same steps in T-SQL (2005/2008).

Use the Ole Automation Procedures option to specify whether OLE Automation objects can be instantiated within Transact-SQL batches. This option can also be configured using the Surface Area Configuration tool.

The Ole Automation Procedures option can be set to the following values.

0 OLE Automation Procedures are disabled. Default for new instances of SQL Server 2005.
1 OLE Automation Procedures are enabled.

When OLE Automation Procedures are enabled, a call to sp_OACreate, sp_OASetProperty, sp_OAMethod, sp_OAGetErrorInfo, sp_OADestroy will start the OLE shared execution environment.

In SQL Server 2005/2008 we need to start with the configuring the Ole Automation Procedures

sp_configure ‘show advanced…

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Network Load Balancing in ASP.Net


Considering the high volume of traffic the Web site uses two or more servers needed to handle user requests. The concept behind the web farm is that a number of different web sites share pooled resources. They typically share a common front-end dispatcher to perform load control and distribute customer requests. They share the multiple web servers themselves. Based on experience and with reference to Microsoft sites this document was created to address certain issues faced in web farm while using ASP.NET.
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Problem with Document Information Panel

If you have a problem with document information panel on your excel/word files which is “drop down list” not show all the items from Windows Sharepoint Services v3.0 or MOSS 2007 list, you can fix it by change the item limit on the default view of the list.

It is by design the drop down list just showing up the items on the first pages on the default view of the list, so to show it all, you must increase the item limit.

Hope.. the next patch for microsoft office will fix it.

How to send and receive transactional msmq


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MSMQ stands for Microsoft Message Queuing which provides a great framework for applications that use messaging infrastructure.

Just like e-mail we can send and receive message from it to provides integration between two or more application.

You can create msmq from computer management snap-in at node under the Services and Applications section, there is one node called [Message Queuing]. From there, you can create Public Queue or Private Queue.
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How to get control's instance from infragistic ultrawebgrid's template column


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I’m sure one of you might have trouble to get control’s instance in
template column of ultrawebgrid.

For example:

You have a ultrawebgrid on your page, and have a template column on it with “Fullname” as key, then you have a textbox control inside it and has id called “tbxFullname”.
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